DEI Workshops

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Our Workshops support professional and personal development, relationship building, and community development. We use an interactive approach and create opportunities for participants to begin practicing what they learn.

Our workshops are founded on the belief that when individuals deeply connect to and understand their own identities, they are better able to contribute meaningfully to creating a more inclusive and equitable community. Meaningful understanding of and  connection to identity allows people, communities, and organizations to build bonded relationships, create meaningful resolutions, and do the difficult work of challenging structural racism and bias.


  • Exploring Your Identity
  • Our Identity and Our Interactions with Others
  • Navigating Difference and Difficult Conversations Around Identity
  • Challenging Your Biases

Speaking Events

Thyannda offers a variety of formats for individuals, teams, and organizations to learn and create meaningful experiences as a group. Through workshops, keynote speeches, and panels, Thyannda can customize programs that would most benefit your audience. She has presented on and would be excited to lead more conversations about mental health, identity, allyship, race, gender, equity, and inclusion.

Previous Events:

  • Sunnyside Chats: Our Identities and Our Interactions
  • Seeds for Growth – Women Belong: Exploring Your Identity to Improve Your Networking
  • YWCA Equity Summit: Exploring Your Identity to Be A Better Ally
  • Association for Conflict Resolution: Exploring Your Identity to Become a Better Mediator
  • Sunnyside Chats: Developing Your Personalized Networking Strategy
  • Chicago Minds
  • Intersections: Dining & Conversation On Identity, Difference, and Community
    • Racism & Gun Control
    • Gender Identity: Navigating Difference, & Building Community
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