DEI Consulting Services

Prevent & reposition

Spend more time in the calm and safely navigate future storms with the support of Inclusive Resolutions, LLC. Our Consulting Services support your organization’s efforts to make the necessary changes to improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in your community.

Many are asking:

  • “As a leader, am I doing enough to address racism and bias in my organization?
  • “Is our organization’s culture promoting racism and bias?
  • “How do we address our community’s concerns?”
  • “How do I support people of color in my organization?”
  • “Am I bringing bias into my decisions?”
  • “How are we addressing what is happening in the world?”
  • “How do I make sure that discrimination doesn’t happen here?”

If you are at a loss for what to do, let Inclusive Resolutions, LLC help. 

Our Approach

  • Assessment (Phase 1): Identifying where your challenges and discomfort lie and what is happening in your organization by asking insightful questions
  • Strategy Development (Phase 2): Providing insight and strategic support to understand your challenges, obstacles to overcoming them, and strategies for overcoming them
  • Implementation (Phase 3): Guiding you as you bring about change in your organization and navigate the difficulties that arise with change.